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It takes a village. The value of InNEVator’s bootcamp series is the business community of investors, sponsors, mentors and partners that come together to help new companies thrive. Together, this cohort brings a variety of tools and services to arm each startup with ample resources. Our A-list group of industry experts and providers brings a powerhouse of players together to propel growth of tech in our region.

The Reno-Tahoe region is flush with companies interested in collaborating to elevate the business community. We are looking for a series of sponsorships, from in-kind goods and services to pledges to help our program thrive. We work with our sponsors on a range of access, media mentions and other benefits. Get in touch to build a pledge that works for you and your business.

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InNEVator has a fund that invests in the companies it selects for the program. Our investors work with a committee to select the most promising startups in the Internet of Things and related Advanced Manufacturing space. Together, we identify the qualities in leadership and innovation we want to see thrive. Interested in joining our team of investors? Get in touch.

Services and software are paramount to our success. Several of the companies we grow are faced with a list of tools they need to shorten the runway and bring their solutions to the market quicker. We are looking to the leaders in business to provide greater access to these tools and services. Our partners provide incredible value to our bootcamp. Have a valuable tool that benefits companies like these? Become a partner.



Breadware, an Innevator Partner


Meet The Mentors and Speakers


Meet The Mentors and Speakers



Why InNEVator?
We invest in the success of startups. We work closely with carefully selected companies we know can succeed in a highly promising space. While most accelerators manage the masses, we take a different approach. We provide a fleet of experts and their undivided attention to founders and their teams. We have the resources to accelerate success through our collaboration with Breadware, the Innevation Center and the University of Nevada, Reno.

Why IoT?
Connected tech is one of the fastest growing markets with the most opportunity for innovation. Our small community is thriving with experts in this space. From Breadware to Filament, IoT leaders call Reno home.

Why Reno?
We are a startup ourselves. We are collaborative. We are scrappy. We are Reno. We will collaborate and build a better product together. Don’t fence us in.


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