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InNEVator thanks our 2018 cohort

Soapy is a company on a mission to reduce the spread of disease by making hand-washing easier. The company’s products provide 24/7 access to safe water and soap — anywhere and everywhere in the world, including areas that are water scarce. Soapy’s connected hygiene micro-stations are powered by a proprietary soap capsule capable of producing an accurate dose of soap and water. Soapy’s hygiene stations generate a powerful IoT grid, enabling cities and organizations to morph sanitation consumption into life-saving data science. Soapy devices require just 100 ml of water — 95% less water than any available solutions.

Senclo & STORP2P Senclo is an  IoT company committed to  improving the quality of life by creating products that are smart, autonomous and secured. Senclo’s flagship product, Fi, allows you to control your garage door through any Alexa-enabled Amazon device. STORP2P is Senclo’s proprietary peer-to-peer platform for garage and storage space, described as “the Airbnb of storage space.” Senclo leverages its combined hardware and  software solution to enable homeowners to easily rent out their garage space with the ability to monitor and control access 24/7 without physically being there. The platform makes it extremely simple for renters to find and rent garage space.

Elva helps people manage their medical treatments and medications with very user-friendly technology. Elva features a bar-code scanner, similar to what hospitals use, so people can track their medications, chronology and dosage from home or wherever they are. The device can go three days without a charge and is always connected via a 4G network. Elva improves medication compliance, and gives caregivers and distant loved ones peace of mind.