Reno was right for REXS.IO

Accelerators can quite literally be the fuel for startups to accelerate their business, rapidly acquire needed business skills, and increase their likelihood to raise capital. With so many accelerator programs available to startups, choosing the right one can be challenging. Out of a pool of over 60 applicants and a rigorous selection process, four companies came to Reno for the 2020 InNEVator program. One of these four companies, REXS.IO, shared why Reno was right for them.

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With close proximity to the Bay Area but a much friendlier approach towards entrepreneurs, Reno’s close-knit business community felt like a great fit for a company at our stage.”– Krzysztof Radecki, REXS.IO Co-founder

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REXS.IO was in the unique position of having been accepted into two simultaneous accelerator programs. Not only was REXS.IO accepted to the InNEVator, they were also accepted to a London-based program. While Reno was a farther trek than London for co-founders Krzystof Radecki and Przemek Szleter who originate from Poland, the company had set their sights on global expansion from the beginning. Already having some exposure in Europe, they were looking for a way to do the same in the United States; this was their opportunity.


Aside from location, REXS.IO was looking for a program that really understood their blockchain vision. Fortunately for them, blockchain technology was the focus for this year’s program with many of the InNEVator partners and mentors coming from Reno-Tahoe’s numerous innovative blockchain companies. Most notable was the InNEVator’s partnership with Blockchains LLC and blockchain expert Meg VanDeventor joining the accelerator team as a lead mentor. After interviewing with the InNEVator team, REXS.IO felt the program was forward-looking enough to fully understand their vision of building a blockchain based data trust company. They knew this program was the right fit. All of these things reinforced why choosing the Reno InNEVator was a great choice for REXS.IO.

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