Meet the InNEVator 2020 companies


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The InNEVator 2020 cohort takes a field trip to Switch Data Center.

Week three just wrapped up for the 2020 InNEVator program and the company teams have become acquainted with one other and with the InNEVator team. Now let’s introduce you to the companies.



With the co-founders coming from Poland, REXS.IO is developing a blockchain-based solution to provide digital notarization for different types of data. This data notarization service creates a layer of trust between the data source and data destination. The solution has a modular design which makes it easier to integrate with existing IT infrastructure. There are many applications where data integrity is critical including insurance evidence, infrastructure maintenance, and industrial IoT, to name a few.

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Hailing from Canada, Artcryption is developing a blockchain-based solution to protect artists against copyright infringement and allow more efficient licensing of creative content. With the company’s expertise in intellectual property and art law, they understand the importance of a platform that helps protect artists’ creations. Counterfeits, copyright infringement and other art crimes cost artists, galleries, and art dealers billions of dollars each year. Artcryption’s platform could be used by artists, galleries, and art dealers to record and transact art pieces with authenticity and reduced cost.

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ChainStor is developing a blockchain-based solution to allow companies and consumers to verify the authenticity and integrity of a product. Counterfeit products cause big brands billions of dollars a year. ChainStor’s solution has the potential to address supply chain issues in multiple industries. ChainStor has co-founders from the UK and the US .

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BuildingBloc, Inc.

BuildingBloc, Inc. comes to us from Truckee and South Lake Tahoe, right in our backyard! BuildingBloc, Inc. is developing a blockchain-based solution to solve the payment issues in the construction industry. With 20 years of experience in the construction industry, the co-founders observed and felt first-hand the pain of financial loss due to payment default and lack of transparency in construction projects. BuildingBloc, Inc. aims to provide a blockchain platform that could verify user identity; create smart contracts; and track payments, materials, and contractor services on each construction project.

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