NCET and EDAWN recognize Innevation Center-based accelerator ‘bootcamp’


Innevator 2017 was named Program of the Year at the NCET Tech Awards on April 5, 2018. The EDAWN Entrepreneurial Support Award honored the inaugural eight-week program, hosted through the Innevation Center University of Nevada, Reno-Powered By Switch, for its aligned mission to enhance the growth and prestige of the region’s technology community.

“None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the incredible group of investors, mentors and sponsors who supported the program last year,” said Rosanne Catron, chief operations officer at the Innevation Center.

The program was put on in collaboration with Innevation Center-based Breadware, Inc. and Watershed Growth Ventures, each receiving their own awards for Technology Startup of the Year and Financial Services Organization of the Year respectively.

The Innevation Center Director and Watershed Growth Ventures Founding Partner Jim Sacherman received the award on behalf of the consultancy.

“This is actually a big year,” he said. “As a former CEO and former startup company operator, I get to say that three of the five companies we’ve invested in have sort of moved their balance sheets, moved their bottom line, from red to black and that is just such a huge deal. I’m so excited about it.”

Sacherman and the teams at Watershed and Breadware are also the cofounders of the Innevator program. They recently announced Innevator will be hosted biannually beginning in 2019 and are gearing up for its second cycle in Fall 2018. Early investors in the program are looking to continue their support as organizers begin the search for additional support.

Story by Brooke Brumfield